How does recruiting software integration save time for recruiters?

How does recruiting software integration save time for recruiters?

Integrating recruiting software with your current HRIS and other recruiting tools saves your recruiting team time otherwise spent doing repetitive tasks. With recruiting software that seamlessly integrates with tools recruiters already use, entering information multiple times into different platforms and toggling between different applications are unnecessary actions.

With everything accessible via a single centralized system, recruiters do not need to waste time switching between different apps, websites, and tools. And since recruiting platforms share data with connected apps, recruiters do not need to re-enter information into multiple systems. This leads to fewer errors and less time spent making corrections.

Recruiters have plenty of choices when it comes to the tools available to them for their recruiting needs. SmartRecruiters integrates with the tools that best fit recruiting teams’ needs, enabling additional functionality without additional overhead. 

With more than 250 pre-integrated recruiting software tools available, the SmartRecruiters Marketplace helps recruiters save time so they can spend more time finding and hiring quality talent.

Recruiting software optimizes hiring so you can focus on what you do best—recruiting.

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