How Video Recruitment Software Can Benefit Your Recruitment Team

Video Recruitment Software

Video recruitment software streamlines the recruitment process by replacing several steps of the traditional recruitment process. Video chats allow recruiters to discover information about candidates more quickly than they can by studying résumés or conducting phone interviews. And because video interviews cut down on candidate travel expenses, they save your company money. 

Here’s how to make best use of video as part of your recruiting software system:

Video Cover Letters

A candidate’s video cover letter will give you a sense for their personality and whether they’re a fit for your company within minutes, if not seconds. From this you can decide quickly whether to move forward with a live video or in-person interview. 

On-Demand Video Interviews

An on-demand video interview is an interview in which you send the candidate questions which they respond to with video replies. This allows you flexibility in timing and gives the candidate space to answer your questions thoughtfully. These video interviews are low-stakes pre-screeners that provide more insight than a typical exchange of emails. 

Live Video Interviews

Live group video calls can replace multiple phone calls as well as face-to-face meetings, making for a low-risk and inexpensive alternative to in-office interviews. Video interviews are especially helpful for filling positions that require multiple rounds of interviews with hiring managers based in different locations. 

The benefits of video recruitment software:

1. Time savings

Recruiters can cut short an interview if they find the candidate is unsuitable for the position or company. As video interviews do not necessitate travel to the office, recruiters do not need to provide candidates the full interview time slot as a courtesy.

2. Expanded candidate pool

Your finance department may balk at the expense of candidate travel—which could include airfare, hotel, and meals—for the sake of a job interview. But that doesn’t mean you should be deprived of potentially perfect candidates, especially if your company allows remote work. Video recruiting software allows you to interview candidates no matter where they live.

3. Flexible

Without the hassle of travel, recruiters and candidates can more easily schedule interviews.

4. Comparison of candidates

Video can be saved and reviewed, allowing you to compare how candidates for the same position responded to the same questions. The video clips can also be shown to hiring managers for input.

Video tools save you time and money while helping you access the best potential hires. Check out the many video interview tools available to users of SmartRecruiters in the MarketPlace.